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Temping with RecruitAbility

Working as a temp can help you get an income quickly, get some great work experience and offers lots of variety. Today temps have the same employment rights as permanent staff – they receive paid holiday, sickness pay and pension contributions – yet they have much greater control over their working life. Our blog post “The Advantages of Temping” has some great information about the benefits of temporary working – click here to read. 

At RecruitAbility we always need good temps and we usually have some excellent work opportunities. Our Temporaries Controller, Marion Taylor, looks after all our temp candidates and clients. She is often available for a chat during working hours - you can get in touch with her on 01279 758855 or We would love to hear from anyone interested in temporary work. 

Here's a few of our current available temp roles - you can see the full list here

Temporary Credit Controller - £10.50 per hour - apply here

Temporary Receptionist - £9.50 per hour - apply here

Facilities Cleaner - £8.60 per hour - apply here

Stores/Warehouse Person - £8.70 per hour - apply here

Temporary Customer Services Advisors - £7.83 per hour - apply here

Our regular blog often contains useful information for temps - see the links below:

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