Settling in to a new job

Congratulations on your new job! Here is our guide to settling into your new role.

Don’t expect to love your new job the moment you start. Beginning a new role can be daunting; it takes time to learn everyone’s name and what they do, find out where the local sandwich shop is and even locate the toilet facilities. It may take up to a year for you to feel completed settled, but as you build good relationships with your colleagues, managers and even clients, you will stop feeling like “the new kid at school”.

Be yourself as much as possible. Try not to be too shy, especially if you were outgoing in interview. Remember you still need to prove yourself so make sure not to be arrogant or over-confident. If you finish your first week thinking, “I hate it and want to leave!” don’t panic. This is a normal reaction to a new job for many of us, usually caused by the shock of unfamiliar territory. Bear in mind that any uncomfortable feelings are likely to face with time and by the end of the first month you will probably feel very differently.

Once you have finished your first quarter you should feel more at home. You will have learned the basics of your new job, formed good relationships with colleagues and may even be starting to impress your boss. If you still don’t feel at home, again, don’t panic or do anything rash. Talk to someone who can help – a company’s HR department will speak to you confidentially or you can discuss the situation with the recruitment consultant who placed you.

If you are still feeling unhappy then remember it is important to give a job at least six months and ideally a year so that you can show on your CV that you stuck with something even thought it was difficult. This shows real strength of character.

Here are a few things to avoid in your new job:

  • Emailing friends with your new work email address on the first day – wait a few weeks
  • Browsing the internet
  • Taking/making personal phone calls
  • Openly comparing everything with your old job
  • Gettting drunk with your new colleagues
  • Dressing inappropriately – if you are unsure of the dress code just ask
  • Taking any unauthorised leave
  • Criticising your new job or company

If you really hate your new job and have tried everything you can to make it work without success then resign to the appropriate person and give the notice required on your contract. Do not walk out without telling anyone because this could be very damaging for your career. The company may refuse to give you a reference which could cause serious problems when looking for another job.

In summary – give yourself time to settle in slowly, be conscientious, manage your expectations and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Good luck!