RecruitAbility's holiday year

How does RecruitAbility’s holiday year work?

RecruitAbility’s holiday year begins on your start date and renews on that anniversary and holiday pay works as follows:

  • Holiday pay accrues from the date of your first assignment with RecruitAbility until the anniversary of that date and you must claim holiday pay before the year runs out
  • Leave cannot be carried forward from one holiday year to the next
  • You can only claim holiday pay for days you have accrued
  • The only time you will paid in place of taking statutory leave ('payment in lieu') is at your request at the end of a booking OR after we issue you with your P45
  • You will receive any untaken accrued holiday pay when we issue your P45

Claiming holiday and holiday pay at RecruitAbility

When you join RecruitAbility as a temp we will explain all our procedures to you. Holiday and holiday pay can be claimed by contacting our Office Manager, Laura Hawkes, to make arrangements.