The advantages of temping

At RecruitAbility we’ve just started a Temp of the Month award to reward our fantastic temps who do a great job for our clients. When we posted the photo of our first winner on our social media feed a local wag commented, “So why doesn’t he get a proper job then?”

We know this is a fairly common attitude so thought the time was ripe for a few words about the advantages of temping.  

Today temps have the same employment rights as permanent staff – they receive paid holiday, sickness pay and pension contributions – yet they have much greater control over their working life. In our experience temporary work is always available for those who want it so temps can work as, when and where they choose.

Other advantages include flexibility – you can fit your job around your life, which is ideal for people who are studying or saving to go travelling, variety – every industry from construction to show business has temp opportunities, and the chance to gain new skills – a great way to improve your career prospects.

Choosing to temp can be an excellent choice for young people – many struggle to find permanent employment without much work experience and working as a temp means they can gain that experience and improve their CVs. For those keen to work in competitive industries such as events or finance temping can be a great way to get a foot in the door and to network with people who could help your career progress. Once in a role temps have the opportunity to shine and really impress their employers, which can lead to permanent employment – if it is wanted.  

If you are thinking of a career change or are undecided about your future career path then temping might be the right choice. Taking a temp role gives you breathing space to think while still earning and could lead to some unforeseen career opportunities.

At RecruitAbility we always need good temps. We currently have some excellent roles in customer services available, along with others, and would love to hear from anyone considering temporary work.

Posted on Thursday May 10