The benefits of hiring temps

There has been a huge change in attitudes towards temporary working with many people now choosing to work in temp roles long-term. Entitlement to in-work benefits such as holiday pay and pensions contributions has attracted quality candidates. Many employers value temporary workers but if you’re not sure yet here are a few of the benefits:


Hiring temp workers allows your business to respond quickly to change. If business picks up you can increase your workforce quickly and if things change you can scale back down again to control costs.  

Recruit more quickly

If you have a vacancy to fill getting the perfect person can take time. Taking on a temp gives you cover and protects your business during the recruitment process. Good recruitment agencies usually have qualified temps available, which means you can have a role filled within a day or two with none of the lengthy admin and associated cost of finding a permanent employee.

Access to new skills

Hiring temps gives you the opportunity to find people with different skills – you can take on project specialists that you may only need sporadically.

See great candidates at work

There is always a chance that you could take on a temp worker and find they are actually perfect for a permanent role in your business. Working with a temp is the ideal opportunity to see their skills and personality in operation, giving you great insight into whether they would be a good fit for your company.

Boost workplace morale

If you are going through a busy period taking on temps can ease pressure on your permanent staff – boosting morale and making sure your office is a happy place to work!

RecruitAbility has quality temp workers available. For more information on our temp services please call the office on 01279 758855.

Posted on Thursday May 31