Trends in 2019

As we expected 2018 really was all about Brexit and we end the year with the situation no clearer and many businesses very concerned about the future. At RecruitAbility we’ve decided to be optimistic in the face of continuing uncertainty. Many of our clients’ businesses are thriving and we have met countless exceptional candidates this year. Recruitment in the Herts and Essex area is continuing apace and long may it continue. Although we’d certainly be grateful for some clarity from our government, in the great British tradition we will keep on keeping on – and we expect everybody else will too.  

GDPR was a big issue in 2018 as companies had to come to terms with handling data differently. All businesses faced big changes but most seemed to handle them will and more than six months on everyone seems to have got used to the new ways. In 2019 we may see the first of some big cases brought against serious GDPR offenders which should help clarify the law.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a big thing in recruitment during 2018 and we expect this to continue. We blogged earlier in the year about AI and how we do not think it can replace human interaction in the recruitment process – read here. Our opinion hasn’t changed – in what can be a difficult and demanding process for candidates we think human interaction is the best and most effective option – but we do expect AI to feature heavily in 2019 recruitment news.  

Finally – even with Brexit chaos – unemployment remains very low. Companies are having to work hard to attract and retain the best staff, and we think this will continue in 2019. We blogged about this earlier in the year – you can read our advice here. Hiring a great recruitment agency can really help you with attracting the best staff so if you’re thinking about hiring in the New Year why not get in touch? 

Happy New Year! 

Posted on Wednesday Dec 19