Attracting the best staff

The rate of unemployment in the UK is almost at a record low, which is great news for those looking for a job but can make things more difficult for employers who want to recruit the best staff. There are many things businesses can do to make sure they are more attractive to candidates than their competitors – and they don't all have to cost money. Here's our tips. 

Decide on the sort of employee you need - when wasted salary and training, lost productivity and extra recruiting costs are taken into account a poor hire can cost your business dearly. If possible, involve your current staff in the hiring process - your team will have valuable insight about the people they will work best with.

Always create a clear and concise job description - include job title, main duties, how the role contributes to your business, reporting structure, remuneration package and details about your company.

Offer a strong salary and benefits package – this will help to attract the kind of people you want. Make sure the salary compares well with your competitors and mention any work benefits you offer.

Consider using a recruitment agency – the best agencies manage the entire process for you, from advertising your role to matching, interviewing and vetting suitable applicants. A recruitment agency can save you time, by allowing you to concentrate on your core business needs, and money, by helping to prevent a bad hire.

Publicise your vacancy effectively – an agency will help you with this if you are using one – and think about offering an employee referral scheme.  

Make sure your business is appealing to candidates – having a reputation as a great place to work will really help you attract the best. Candidates love companies that offer good work/life balance and an open, collaborative culture.

Streamline your recruitment process - 20% of candidates have pulled out of an application because the process was too long.

Always provide constructive feedback for every candidate - even the unsuccessful ones. They will appreciate it and it will leave everyone with a good impression of your business.

Posted on Thursday Oct 11