Artificial Intelligence in recruitment

Recruiters have been hearing for some time that the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is coming and that we are all going to be replaced by chatbots. Some companies are already using AI in their recruitment processes for a range of tasks from reviewing CVs to conducting Skype interviews.

AI, we are told, will simplify recruitment, making it quicker and easier to find the right staff by using algorithms to root out all the no-hopers. It will free those involved in hiring to concentrate on the more business-critical aspects of their jobs and allow companies to cut HR and recruitment costs. AI will reduce the possibility of discrimination, having none of the unconscious bias humans often have. Some larger companies are already using AI to sift through applications, run psychometric tests and conduct initial interviews, especially when they need to recruit large numbers of people.

Although the rise in AI may seem to be unstoppable we’ve decided against packing up the office just yet. Concerns are growing that AI is making the recruitment experience more unpleasant and frustrating for candidates. Facing an already stressful and time-consuming process, candidates are unhappy that CV filtering and interviewing done by AI leaves no possibility of getting constructive feedback. Poor recruitment experience can put off great candidates and harm a business’s reputation.

Debate around AI in the recruitment industry is growing. Below are a few links to some of the most interesting articles on the subject. We’d love to hear your views.

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Posted on Tuesday Mar 20