It's Valentine's Day - why not make it exclusive?

In honour of Valentine’s Day this week we thought we’d write something about why clients get the best from a recruitment service when they work with an agency exclusively... 

We know how important it is for a business to find exactly the right employee. Research from the REC shows that a bad hire at middle management level can cost a company up to £144,000 (see our blog about this here). When you work with an agency exclusively the relationship becomes more of a partnership. You can brief them thoroughly and they will get to know your business so well that finding the right person will be so much easier.  

An exclusive relationship will save you time and money. There is no duplication of effort – you won’t have to brief more than one agency, you won’t get dozens of duplicate CVs and you won’t have to deal with endless phone calls from different agencies keeping you from getting on with your own work. RecruitAbility’s clients know they can hand over complete responsibility for their hiring to us – we will deal with all aspects of the recruitment process, including advertising, pre-interviews, skills testing, background checks and reference validation.  

Having one agency working on your behalf gives candidates a better impression of your business. If candidates are approached by several agencies offering the same job that can make them suspicious and devalue your brand. It’s also much easier to maintain your confidentiality when dealing with one agency exclusively – which may be critical for your business.  

RecruitAbility offers the same first-class level of service to all our clients, whether or not they work with us exclusively, and guarantee only to send you the very best candidates. But we’d like to take the opportunity this Valentine’s Day to say – why not make it exclusive? 

Posted on Wednesday Feb 13