Why use a recruitment agency?

“We don’t use recruitment agencies,” is something all recruiters have heard before. So why not? In our experience, many people have misjudged preconceptions about what recruitment agencies do and assume that they are too expensive or unnecessary. But we think finding the right recruitment agency can help your business in many ways – such as sourcing quality candidates quickly, streamlining your recruitment process and allowing you to focus on core business needs.

A good recruitment agency will expect to be an extension of your business and will always take the time to create a strong working relationship with you. They will already understand your market so can advise you on how to locate the best candidates and probable salary expectations.

Applicants can be easily put off employers by a poor recruitment experience so the best agencies manage the entire process for you, from advertising your role to matching, interviewing and vetting suitable applicants. Providing a good experience through a professional agency can strengthen your company’s reputation and make it easier to recruit the best candidates.

Recent research from the REC shows that the cost of recruiting the wrong person can be calamitous for a business and using a recruitment agency can help you avoid this. At RecruitAbility we conduct first interviews so we can provide clients with a short-list of pre-vetted suitable candidates rather than simply forwarding dozens of CVs. We weed out the unqualified and provide a few genuine candidates rather than dozens of unsuitable applicants.

Recruitment agencies provide an important service to clients and job-seekers. The thousands of job boards and automated recruitment systems available are simply unable to compensate for the personal touch that recruiters provide to help businesses find exactly the right person. 

Posted on Monday Jan 29