RecruitAbility's tips for employers

Recruiting the best candidates is a constant concern for many employers. Recent research from the CIPD shows that 75% of UK HR professionals are reporting recruitment difficulties. Current worries about the skills shortage and uncertainty over Brexit have made the situation even more concerning.

Wendy at RecruitAbility has some useful tips for employers seeking to locate and hire the right people. You can download a PDF of this article here

Make sure you have a recruitment strategy.

Put recruitment at the heart of your business and understand the type of roles you need to fill and the type of candidates you need. Keep your strategy regularly updated.

Create a clear and comprehensive job description.

Set out key areas of responsibility, reporting lines and objectives. Describe the personality traits you are looking for and the level of education and experience required. Mention location, salary and opportunities for career progression.

Streamline your recruitment process.

Many candidates can be put off employers if the recruitment process is too long. Firms today need to be able to advertise, interview and offer quickly. When planning your recruitment campaign make sure the process will be as swift as possible.

Make a strong offer.

Research the market and your competitors to ensure the remuneration package is right. Make sure you are known as a good employer.

Plan the best way to reach your targets.

Understand which media they use and plan accordingly. Make good use of social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Don’t just use them to broadcast your news but to engage with and interest your audience.

Hire the best recruitment agency.

If you are considering outsourcing your recruitment make sure your chosen agency understands your business needs and is able to reflect your company values and brand. At RecruitAbility we take the time to get to know your company and its needs. We interview all our candidates before putting them forward for client roles, ensuring that you see only the best and most suitable people. For more information call us on 01279 758855 or see our website at

Posted on Thursday Oct 26