Making on the spot job offers

When carrying out interviews you might occasionally come across a candidate who makes an excellent first impression, whose experience ticks all the right boxes and whose personality would fit in well with your team. Although it’s exciting to meet someone so perfect and you might really want to make an offer right then and there, you should resist the temptation. Our many years of recruitment experience shows us that making an on-the-spot offer rarely turns out well.

Candidates can feel uncomfortable

Although you might be getting along famously with your interviewee offering them the job right then will make them feel uncomfortable and under pressure. They may have questions to ask about the job, or minor reservations that could be resolved with a little discussion, but if offered it on the spot they won’t feel able to raise them. Making that impulsive offer could put them off the role, when they might have accepted enthusiastically after a post-interview phone offer and a more relaxed opportunity to discuss terms.

Making a bad impression

On-the-spot offers can give a bad impression of your business. Candidates may think you are desperate to hire someone so there must be something wrong with the company. Or they might feel that you have a poor understanding of good employment practice and therefore won’t be a great place to work. They may also think that the offer came so quickly because they undersold themselves and are worth more – so even if they accept they might start already feeling resentful – never a good beginning to a working relationship.

Work with a great recruitment agency

A reputable recruitment agency can help you avoid issues like this. At RecruitAbility we handle all offers and negotiations. We understand how to make offers in the best way that will get the positive results our clients want. Our candidates trust us and feel comfortable to raise any potential issues, or resolve any salary negotiations with the clients. When one of our new starters joins a company both candidate and client are happy and positive and, in the vast majority of cases, the placement turns out very successfully. Approaching hiring with a recruitment agency like RecruitAbility means candidates are more likely to accept your offer and you will save the cost and wasted time of a poor hire – and means you won’t miss out on that perfect candidate!

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Posted on Wednesday Nov 13