Looking for a new job? Get ready for the September rush

As very experienced recruiters we’ve noticed that there are recruitment peaks and troughs throughout the year. Research seems to support this – statistics show that job numbers peak in January and September.

We often see a hiring wave start in the early autumn. Everyone gets that “back-to-school” feeling as the summer draws to and end and we all come back from holiday. Something in the air tells us it’s time to get our heads down and focus – and this affects businesses too. Many companies are engaged in financial planning and serious decision-making in the autumn and are keen to make new any hires before the end of the year.

If you are thinking about finding a new job September is an excellent time to look. We suggest using the remaining weeks of August to freshen up your CV and do some serious thinking about what you want from your next job. At RecruitAbility we are always looking for excellent candidates – if you are looking for a new job then September is a great time to get in touch – call us on 01279 758855 to speak to one of our consultants.

Posted on Wednesday Aug 7