Is your application process working for you?

In the current economic climate where employment is at record highs and great candidates can be hard to come by making sure your application process is as efficient as possible is extremely important. Slow application process is one of the things that frustrates our candidates most. They find long application forms, requests for many interviews and lack of contact from employers frustrating. Recent research has shown that a poor application process can really put potential employees off your business, which has a knock-on effect as they complain to others.

We think fine-tuning your application process can have a hugely positive effect on your company and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are a few streamlining suggestions.

Can you reduce the hoops?

Take a look at your current process. If you have an online application form, a telephone interview, three in-person interviews and a chat with the MD that might be a little much. Think about what you really need from a candidate and decide who needs to be involved in the process. You may benefit from creating an interview form so that candidates face consistent questioning from interviewers and their responses are more easily compared.

Are your job specs up to scratch?

Concise and well-written job specs, which spell out clearly what the job entails and what you expect from candidates, appeal to applicants and help to weed out the unsuitable ones. Investing some time into getting yours right will really pay off.

Do you have a complex application form?

Candidates have worked hard to get their CVs right. If you have a long application form where they have to write out chunks of their CVs again then you could be putting off some of the best. We recommend shortening it if you can.

Do you allow mobile applications?

These days many people, including the millennial generation, manage much of their lives with their mobile phone. Making sure your application process will work via mobile and your website is optimised for use on a phone will make your business more attractive to candidates.

Do you stay in touch?

Employers who leave candidates hanging after interviews can become very unpopular. If an applicant has been successful failing to let them know quickly might mean you lose out. If they are unsuccessful you must tell them – failure to do so is rude and could lead to your business reputation being damaged as they complain to family, friends and even social media! On the other hand good communication, including offering feedback to unsuccessful candidates, can improve your company’s reputation.

Have you thought about using a recruitment consultancy?

Hiring a great consultancy can help your business recruit efficiently and effectively. At RecruitAbility we can advise you on job specs, carry out pre-interviews for you, manage skills testing and stay in touch with candidates for you, saving you time and money. If that sounds good we’d love to hear from you – call us on 01279 758855 for more information.

Posted on Tuesday Jul 16