HR for small businesses

Most UK companies are deeply committed to their employees and work hard to get their HR right – but it can be challenging. Small businesses can face some specific difficulties such as:

Time and resources – small businesses are often so busy dealing with customers that they feel they don’t have the time to manage staff issues, or to produce HR documentation vital for compliance with employment law

Understanding the law – UK employment law applies to all employers, no matter what size. Small businesses want to get it right but don’t always have access to the right advice.

Looking after employees – small businesses know how vital their staff are to success and want to support them but are often too short of time or not confident enough to deal with issues such as career progress and personal development that will help keep employees motivated and committed.

There are a lot of resources available to help small businesses navigate HR issues effectively – we’ve put together a list of the best we could find and would love to hear any other examples.

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Posted on Wednesday Apr 24