How to stay positive while job hunting

 Finding a new job takes time whatever your current circumstances. Whether you are trying to get back into work after a break, are employed in a job you don’t like or are trying to change career direction it’s best to think of job hunting as a marathon rather than a sprint.  

Trying to stay positive in the face of some inevitable rejection along the way is challenging, but worth the effort. Lucy has some advice on how to keep your chin up during your job search.  

Try not to take it personally 

Everyone can expect to be rejected at some point while trying to find a new job. If this happens to you don’t take it personally, ask for feedback if you can, reflect on whether you could have improved anything and then move on. Take away any positives – perhaps your CV is working well to get you that interview – and then focus your attention on the next stage of your search.  

Be organised 

Make sure your CV, LinkedIn profile and draft cover letter are fresh and ready to go whenever you find a great opportunity. Keep your CV under constant review – if you are getting interviews take heart that it is working for you – if not then go back and see if you can make improvements. You can read our CV advice here Have a daily job search routine – check your favourite job sites every morning, apply for anything that catches your eye and spend a few minutes checking responses every evening.  

Take care of yourself 

Try to find time to relax, exercise and eat well as all of these can help keep you in a positive frame of mind. Write a list of the positive qualities that make you a great candidate – keep it somewhere close and add to it whenever you can. This will help you stay focused and feel good about yourself. Celebrate every small victory, like getting a Skype interview, writing a cover letter you’re pleased with or even receiving a nice response to your application.  

Everything is an opportunity 

We know it can get tedious writing endless application forms and tailoring your cover letter for the umpteenth time but try to face every application as an opportunity rather than a necessary chore. You never know who you will meet or what opportunities may suddenly appear! Remember all this hard work will be worth it in the end.  

Ask for help 

Register with a great recruitment agency. Using an agency can take some of the legwork out of job-hunting and give you access to opportunities you might otherwise miss. At RecruitAbility we have years of experience helping people find their perfect job – if you are trying to get back into the workplace or even just thinking about moving on from your current role then we’d love to hear from you. Call us on 01279 758855 any time.  

Posted on Wednesday Apr 10