How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Having a profile on LinkedIn is useful, whether you want to open yourself up to more career opportunities or boost your professional image. Whatever your motivation, having a LinkedIn profile is a great way to promote your personal brand, opening new and exciting doors.

Here are some tips for creating a great profile:

Upload a suitable photograph

To make a good first impression, make sure you upload a high-quality photograph that is in focus. Avoid using filters, and dress well.

Write a punchy headline

You are limited to 120 characters, so keep it short and to the point. This isn’t your job title, it’s an introduction to who you are and what you do. Think about the keywords you want to use so that you appear in the right searches, and think about your USP.

List your achievements as well as your work history

When noting your previous work experience, as well as putting what your main responsibilities were, you should also include what you achieved. For example, if you worked in sales, did you exceed your sales targets consistently? Did you win any awards, or gain any qualifications or certifications?

Stay active on LinkedIn

Comment on your connections' updates and react to posts that you find useful or valuable. These are great ways to strengthen existing relationships, potentially opening up more career and business opportunities for you down the line. Post your own updates on your profile, as well as engaging with forums and discussions that interest you. This will help expand your network.

Keep your profile up to date

It may be just a small change, like adding in a new responsibility you’ve been given at work or uploading a new picture. Keeping your profile as up to date as possible will highlight your organisational skills and professional enthusiasm to potential employers. It also shows that the profile is still active.

Share your organisation's content

Sharing your company’s content to your profile shows that you are an active contributor and that you are proud of your current organisation's work. This will look good to future employers who will recognise your enthusiasm through your shares.

By following these simple steps, you will get more out of your LinkedIn profile, opening yourself up to new opportunities, and building professional relationships.

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Posted on Thursday Feb 3