How to attract the best graduates

Small businesses may be interested in hiring graduates but many assume that graduates are only interested in large companies. Recent research shows that graduates are interested in working for SMEs.

New graduates don’t all want to leap on the London treadmill. Many understand that small businesses can offer more interesting roles, where they have more chance of making a noticeable contribution. They value the better career progression that small businesses can offer and appreciate the shorter commute. Even in careers such as law and accountancy, where London was traditionally the graduate’s starting destination, smaller local firms find they can now attract some of the best university leavers.

Don’t be put off by the idea that recruiting graduates requires a large budget. There are many ways to target graduates that don’t cost the earth. If you think your business could benefit from the fresh ideas and enthusiasm that new graduates have to offer, Lucy has a few tips on how to attract the best ones.

  • Make sure your website is professional and a good showcase for your business
  • Use social media well – establish pages if you don’t yet have them and if you do make sure they are appealing and up to date
  • Put your jobs up on job boards – these are where students most frequently look for jobs
  • If you don’t already – consider using a recruitment agency. Graduates often sign on with recruitment agencies for summer temp work so they have a good idea of the candidates available. Agencies can also help you navigate the job boards effectively and will promote your jobs on their own social media accounts, presenting your company to even more candidates.  

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Posted on Tuesday Jul 24