How small businesses can keep their employees happy

All great businesses care very much about keeping their employees happy – and in a time of high employment when candidates can be hard to find this is particularly important. There are many things small businesses can do to make sure their employees enjoy coming to work and feel invested in the company without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions. 

Pay and benefits – although survey after survey has shown that people are not solely motivated by money it does help to ensure salaries reflect market rates. Offering the best package you can to new employees, checking pay regularly and making it clear when rises can be expected will create a great impression.

Career progression – employees feel happier when they know their employer is invested in their career development. Showing how career progression is possible, allocating a senior mentor and holding regular evaluation meetings with members of staff to assess their goals and progression are inexpensive to arrange and can be very rewarding. 

Communication – people value good communication. Making things like your company values, immediate plans and vision for the future clear will help your employees to feel invested in the business. Asking for their input, being receptive to their preferences and showing your appreciation regularly will make them feel valued.

Give perks – you don’t need to offer lots of showy and expensive perks. Giving employees small rewards such as cakes on Fridays, a couple of hours off to attend a child’s school assembly, small donations to employees’ favourite charities – e.g. raffle prizes for school fetes, a paid day off on their birthday or even just making sure they always take a full hour for their lunch don’t cost the earth but do show your employees how much you appreciate them.

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Posted on Monday May 20