How can recruitment agencies help you?

We know that some candidates are reluctant to consider using an agency to help them in their job search but we think registering with a reputable recruitment agency can really help you find the perfect role. Adrienne explains why below.

They will work to understand your career objectives

A good recruitment consultant will not only read your CV but will also interview you to understand what kind of job would suit you and what ambitions you have for your career. They can help you polish your CV and give you advice on preparing for interview.

They have inside knowledge

 Recruitment agencies will have excellent knowledge of the local labour market and the sector/s they operate in. They will have longstanding relationships with employers and are often the first to hear about new jobs. Even if you’ve made contact with an agent about one particular role they may know several others that might be the perfect fit.

You get a head start with employers

When employers receive your CV from a trusted recruitment agency the agent will also give a personal introduction – which gives you a great head start over applicants who are sending their CVs in direct. Your CV will go straight to the right person

They offer support (and temp work!)

Looking for a job can be a challenging process. A good recruitment consultant will offer you advice, moral support and, often, a temp job if you need one.

RecruitAbility offers all this and more to our candidates. We are always keen to hear from jobseekers so if you are in the market for a new job please get in touch! Call us on 01279 758855 or visit our website at

Posted on Wednesday Jun 26