Hiring graduates not for you? You may be missing out...

Many small businesses believe that hiring graduates is expensive, time-consuming and not for them. They fear there will be a huge investment in training, that they haven’t got time to look after a new graduate and that the entire process will be too expensive. Many also have the impression that grads won’t work hard or that their degree isn’t useful or even that they only want to work for big companies.

We think that taking on young people who have just left university can be enormously beneficial to small businesses. Here’s why.

Cost: although many companies fear hiring graduates will be expensive, research shows that graduates are often very flexible about salaries. The 2018 average salary for new graduates is £18-24k, depending on location.

Motivation: young people just starting out on their career are usually willing to work very hard. They are ambitious, they want to achieve in their first proper job and they are keen to learn.

Flexibility: graduates come into the workforce keen to get on and fit into their new companies. They don’t have bad habits picked up from previous employers and are often prepared to work the hours that your business needs. 

Fresh approach: hiring recent graduates can boost morale in an office. Young people bring new ideas and optimism that many companies value. Part of a generation reared online they often bring useful technology skills with them.

Investment: there is a cost involved in training graduates but this is an investment and the business should reap the rewards in future years with an employee trained to meet the company’s needs.

If you are considering hiring a graduate consider speaking to a reputable recruitment agency. At RecruitAbility we interview all our candidates before sending out any CVs so we understand their skills and career aspirations and you will only meet those who match your business needs.

Posted on Thursday Jul 12