Gift Guide for Job Seekers

Here are 10 useful, practical, and needed gifts suggestions for anyone on your Christmas list that is job hunting.

Salon gift certificate – the gift of pampering is both fun and practical. They can get a new 'do for the new year, or a manicure which is often one of the first things stopped when not working.

Grooming basket: facial products, aftershave/perfume, hair products, make-up, soaps – as above, a nice pick-me-up that will help them to feel good about themselves.

Massage – job hunting can be stressful, and this experience is relaxing. Studies have shown benefits of massage include decreased anxiety, higher energy levels and better sleep quality.

Annual subscription to their professional association – this serves as a source of motivation and support throughout the job hunt. An Internet search for professional associations in their area of work should turn up options in a variety of price points and specialties.

Magazine subscription - a business publication or trade journal is the obvious choice, but consider a title related to a personal interest. They may have let a well-loved subscription lapse in an effort to save money. Having well-rounded interests is a competitive advantage.

Networking group membership - like the magazine subscription, the networking group membership may have been dropped to save money. But these memberships are vital to stay current and front of mind. Bonus gift: in addition to the membership, offer to attend an event together.

Smart clothes - give them the confidence boost that the right outfit can have. A new interview outfit will be especially appreciated by those who haven't conducted a job search in a while, since their clothing options may be outdated. Don't feel comfortable picking out an outfit? A gift card to a department store is another good option.

Books for job seekers - job search advice, career inspiration and professional template designs that get you hired and help you progress your career.

Coffee shop gift card - job hunting from home day in and day out -- especially in the winter -- can cause cabin-fever. Find a local coffee shop (preferably one with free Wi-Fi) and get a gift card that will cover a few lattes. It's an inexpensive gift, but the change of scenery included will be priceless.

National Trust Membership, movie tickets, museum membership - staying active outside the job search provides energy and balance during this emotionally and physically demanding time. Job seekers need to have fun too.

Hopefully you have found these ideas useful.

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Posted on Tuesday Dec 5