Don't stop job-hunting over Christmas!

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and if you’re looking for a job it can be tempting to get stuck into the mince pies and give the job-hunting a rest until the new year.  

If you are thinking like that then STOP! Employers are still recruiting over the Christmas period and you could be missing out on some great opportunities! 

Christmas can actually be an excellent time to look for a new job. Fewer people are looking so you can really stand out and you’ll face less competition. There are often more vacancies around as people who are changing jobs leave their former employers early for an extended Christmas break.  

Larger companies may have recruiting budgets that they want to use up before the end of the year and are often very motivated to take people on. Hiring decisions are made more quickly and you could find yourself being offered your dream job in a very short time indeed.  

Continuing to apply for jobs during the slowdown shows your consistency and commitment, which will impress potential employers. Not starting until the new year means you suddenly face a lot more commitment from every other job-seeker who decided to leave it until January.  

RecruitAbility’s clients are still recruiting over the Christmas period – why not beat the January rush and apply now? You can see our vacancies list at or call us on 01279 758855

Posted on Monday Dec 10