Don't let Brexit put you off job-hunting

With Brexit now very close we have noticed that many people are putting off applying for a new job, using the current uncertainty as a reason to stick with the job they have. If you love your job then you should absolutely stay in it – but if you are frustrated, or under-employed, or underpaid, or simply wondering what else is out there then don’t let Brexit put you off looking.  

RecruitAbility has many excellent vacancies available. We have some fantastic clients who are always looking for quality candidates and would love to hear from you. In fact, because employment is so high companies are having to work hard to attract the best people so now could be the perfect time for you to find that dream job! 

Although Brexit has undoubtedly caused uncertainty for everyone there are many great employers around who are looking for excellent people for their roles. If you are thinking about moving on from your current job there is no time like the present. Don’t put it off – start your search today. You can see a full list of our vacancies here or call 01279 758855 to speak to one of our recruitment consultants. 

Posted on Monday Jan 28