The Devil is in the Details...

The devil is in the details: How paying attention to detail can help your job search

All employers placing jobs with us are looking for candidates who are skilled at paying attention to detail. Lucy at RecruitAbility has a few suggestions for job seekers. You can download a PDF copy of this article here

Easy to say, harder to show…

Whether in accountancy, customer service, marketing or any other commercial office role, employers will want to be sure you can complete tasks on time, to budget and to their high standards. If you can demonstrate that your attention to detail is top-notch you can give yourself a serious advantage in the job marketplace.

Potential employers will want you to demonstrate your attention to detail and will not just take your word for it. The first thing you must do is check your CV has correct spelling and use of grammar throughout. Any mistakes will show an employer that your attention to detail is not reliable. Before sending your CV out read it carefully and check your contact information. If possible get somebody else to proofread it for you.

When you are going for interview prepare to be asked about your attention to detail. Have some examples ready of occasions when you have demonstrated good attention to detail and how that has helped a project succeed. Describe how you handle tasks and get projects finished. If you are looking for your first job then discuss how your skills have helped you in your education.

Do your research

Before you go for your interview research the interviewing company carefully. Employers will certainly check how much you know about their business and their industry. This is a real chance for you to show off your skills so look at the company website, paying particular attention to the sections in which they describe what they do and any news pages. Read the job description thoroughly to make sure you understand the role. Always prepare one or two questions to ask.

Active listening

During your interview you can demonstrate your attention to detail by listening actively to your interviewer, if possible referencing something he or she has said earlier. If you are asked a tricky question repeat it to your interviewer before replying, which shows your engagement and gives you a few moments to think. Use your body language to show how much attention you are paying – sit up straight in your seat, smile, keep your arms uncrossed, make plenty of eye contact and never interrupt.

Get the details right this Halloween and you could soon be looking at a job offer. 

Posted on Tuesday Oct 31