Apply for that job - even if it has been around for a while

Our first proper blog of 2019 is a short piece of advice for those of you who will be looking for work this year. If you have seen a job advertised that you like the look of but it has been on the boards for a long time or if there are a high number of applicants – do not be put off from applying! 

Don’t assume that because a vacancy has been advertised for a long time that it is a poor job. As recruiters we know that there are many reasons why jobs may take a little longer to fill. Often employers are looking for more than one person and finding several quality candidates always take more time.  Jobs that are highly skilled or require a specific level of experience are likely to be more difficult to recruit for so will be around for longer. Then sometimes an employer is patiently looking for exactly the right person – and that could be you!  

Some job boards show the number of other people who have applied for a particular role and if the numbers are high many candidates are put off applying. Don’t let this put you off – when vacancies are advertised there is always a rush of applications, many of which are from people who are not really interested in the job and many from candidates who will not be suitable for the role. Send your CV in anyway, even if you are concerned about the potential competition. You might have just the right combination of skills, experience and personality that the employer needs. 

Posted on Wednesday Jan 9